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The Laws of PHZ-Sicks CD

Image of The Laws of PHZ-Sicks CD


Physical CD of The Laws of PHZ-Sicks featuring a personal message signed by PHZ-Sicks

1. Intro
2. A Nu Day ft Ihsan Bilal (Produced by Thelonious Dre)
3. Show Me What's Up (Produced by Hudson Mohawke)
4. SumHer Everlasting (Produced by Best Kept Secret)
5. Point Em Out ft Young Scolla & Seanny Greggs (Produced by Kajmir Royale)
6. Your Way ft Ihsan Bilal & Seanny Greggs (Produced by Mev of The Renegades)
7. No More Breaks (Produced by Best Kept Secret)
8. The Love Scene II (Produced by Kajmir Royale)
9. SuperHero Theme (Produced by The Xtraordinary Gentlemen)
10. !!!
11. Bright (Produced by Hudson Mohawke)
12. Up (Produced by Hudson Mohawke)
13. Legacy (Produced by Flying Lotus)
14. Success/Failure (interlude) ft London Bridgez
15. Success/Failure ft Young Scolla (Produced by Epik Da Dawn)
16. Inception ft Ihsan Bilal (Produced by Hudson Mohawke)